Product sales and distribution

Electrical Material and Lighting

We have available all kinds of products that you need from, cable, wire, sockets, plugs, extensions, switches, distribution boxes, relays, circuit breakers, transformers, ballasts, capacitors, terminals, clamps, mat, tubes, LED lighting, halogen, fluorescent and economical, projectors, among others.


Power and Manual Tools

At Indutora Energia you will find: drills, hammers, angle grinders, sanders, multifunction machines, vacuum cleaners, multi-tool system; measuring, leveling and detection apparatus; generators; high pressure cleaning machines, accessories (drills, cutting discs, chisels, sandpaper, carbon brushes); welding machines, compressors, spray guns, among other electrical tools.

In hand tools, we provide a set of specific hand tools for various segments, namely, civil construction, carpentry, woodworking, electrical installations, plumbing, and much more.

Safety equipment

We have the capacity to respond for personal protective equipment (shoes, gloves, helmets, vests) as well as for approved equipment for protection, lifting, moving and securing loads (straps, nets, meshes to cover buildings).

Garden and Outdoor Equipment

For the garden you will find: hoses, connections, watering nozzles and guns, garden tools, irrigation computers, blowers/vacuums; branch crushers, pumps for clean/dirty water, filter elements, water pressure controllers, etc…

If you want to cook outdoors, we have electric, gas or charcoal barbecues available, as well as all the ideal accessories for a perfect food preparation.

In addition, we have: gas bottles, refills and cartridges; stoves, lamps, torches, among other products.

Telecommunications / Security

We sell batteries for UPS and electric vehicles (wheelchairs, bicycles and scooters, golf carts and trolleys, agricultural equipment, industrial cleaning machines); chargers, boosters, watches and time cards; telephones and telephone exchanges, autonomous blocks and emergency armour.

Soldadura e Corte

Agente ESAB. Uma marca que serve o mercado global há mais de 100 anos. Equipamento de Soldadura e Corte; Equipamento de Proteção Pessoal; Consumíveis de Soldadura.